Valencia Football Club

In this macro-project, we had the honour of sharing a challenge which represented a before and after in the history of Valencia CF, and for our very own company as well. We supplied pioneering technology, innovative technical solutions, and impeccable project management.

The internal and external revitalization of the stadium was a massive project within which, together with the club, we converted the Valencian coliseum into a unique arena on the national and international sporting stage.

A 300 m² bat created with the innovative SolaRay® system – a pioneering technique in Spain.

Mestalla shines brightly.  And so does the world’s biggest bat – but more importantly, the hopes and dreams of the Valencian faithful can once again shine as they identify with a home that is an iconic place of worship for the whole Valencian family.

Mestalla, a sanctuary for Valencian passion, and the oldest stadium in la Liga

Working closely with the club, we designed, produced, and implemented the team’s various visual communications structures.  We worked hard to achieve the optimum integration of the commercial brands with the DNA and image of the club, as well as the stadium facilities.

The project included the renovation of all of the interior advertising rings, the theming of multiple areas such as the changing room area, tunnel, press room, mixed zone, and kids’ area, to name just a few.

Valencia CF Training Ground

We integrated the sponsor brands with the club’s image with the challenge of having them positively accepted by both players and fans.

In addition, we designed and produced special railings which included systems to protect the advertising structures with the aim of reducing wear and tear from impacts received during various training activities.