Málaga CF | La Rosaleda

We are particularly proud to be part of the great project of the Rosaleda Rebranding that is driving the MALAGA CF. The project includes: Consulting, conceptualization, design, production and implementation.

For months we have been working very hard on the new image of the stadium, which will proudly wear the emblems of the brand and the signs of identity of the Malaguism in different areas of the stadium such as: rings, painting seats, changing rooms, among others.

This process of visual transformation will be completed during the season. In MolcaWorld™ we want to infect you with our energy and satisfaction for the new look of the stadium.

One of the actions included in the Global Consulting Project is the dressing room tunnel. This project is one of the most innovative ideas of interior rebranding that we’re doing for “La Rosaleda Stadium”.

The creative concept is based on anamorphic images to create an illusion of perspective in “Three Dimensions” through painting, corporeal and image of the Club.

A perspective effect that is used in art to force the observer to a certain point of view where the image takes a proportioned and clear form. In this way, what we get is to interact in an original way with the public and players.